Wellesley College, Massachusetts
Clusters of buildings occupy the many high points of Wellesley College’s vast and beautiful landscape. The campus center is rooted within this landscape as a constantly shifting mass extending in all directions, pulling the Wellesley community into a central gathering space. 

A building with many front doors creates multiple unique visitor experiences. Behind these doors, lies a multitude of spaces to eat, sit, study, meet, relax, dance, learn, store, buy, and work. The variety of spaces provided allows visitors to choose the type of place they want to occupy at that moment. Often spaces are multi-functional. The living room is a place to study yet can temporarily transform into a stage for dancing.  Generous vantage points of the landscape are available from all points. 

DSNWRK’s Jennifer Pindyck, a Wellesley alum, worked on the project from 2002-05 as a Project Designer under Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects. Pindyck was involved in all aspects of the campus center’s design and documentation, including managing FFE. Project team included notable designers and consultants: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, ARUP Engineering, VHB, and LAM. The general contractor was Richard White Sons. / Photography by Timothy Hursley