Guga S’Thebe Children’s Theater
Expansion of the Arts and Culture Center in the Langa Community, Cape Town, South Africa
Referencing historic and cultural properties of the site, the rectangular building volume is rotated creating an almost triangular square between the new theater and the amphitheater. The square serves as internal courtyard and as open auditorium for the exterior stage. Position and rotation of the building volume is based on an existing path which was grown informally during the apartheid era as a connection of between the former barracks and the post office, this pathway was and is an important space for informal exchange.

The Guga S’Thebe Children’s Theater is an expansion of the existing Arts and Culture Center Guga S’Thebe (by architect Carin Smuts) located in the heart of the Langa Community in Cape Town, South Africa, attracting local children, adolescents, and artists, as well as international tourists.

This project was made possible by the collaborate efforts of:  DESIGN. DEVELOP. BUILD. leadership -- Daniel Baerlecken, Bernadette Heiermann, Nora Mueller, Judith Reitz, and Katherine Wright. Architect of Record was Carin Smuts of CS Studio. Arne Kunstler of Imagine Structure Gmbh oversaw structural engineering. Also, countless volunteers and architecture/ interior architecture students from Georgia Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen, and PBSA Düsseldorf.   Supported by ArchitekteurSalon (AIT), Stoa Foundation, and the City of Cape Town, Department of Arts and Culture.  Special thanks to the members of the Langa Community for the opportunity to be a part of your community and sharing traditions. / Photography: Wieland Geilch, Thomas Shaplik, Katherine Wright